The final film

After all the practising and help I have finally finished my film and here it is…

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Dress rehearsal 2

This is in the reality before she goes to bed, my first practice with clothing and settings this was hard but the challenge was good to overcome

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Dress rehearsal dream 1 start

This is the beginning of the first dream where we are introduced to the stalker and the feel of dream and colour, something that is normally the other way round.

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Character practice dream 2

This practice is with both characters for the second dream state, this could be much better looking back on it as the darkness was not real but with the camera settings, the panning is a bit off but for a practice i was very happy with it

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Practice shoot for dream frame 2

This is a practice shoot from one of the dreams, i have done this in the dark for added effects, using a DSLR camera on manual focus, the music is from youtube which i found while researching into music and how it emphasises the film.

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We don’t start perfect…

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Always remember this, even the greats started from somewhere and if it is right for you, you will succeed and be amazing too…

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The aim of art …

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


As an artist we can see between the lines of an image. An image is not just that, there is something behind everything, a deeper meaning. When i create art i am actually showing myself to the world in some cases, my very first piece in fine art was from my own images before i left to come here. I got that image and with charcoal i black most of it out and manipulated the whole image with masking tape but made the sun stand out but brightening it up with pencil. This when i look back shows me how i really felt about leaving and coming here and starting something new, that i was unhappy and dark about leaving but the sun was the happiness i felt at starting something new and the fact that my life was coming together… 

others images do the same,  they might not give the viewing a glimpse into their personal self but they can help them understand a different view on the world… a better view… 

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